Who We Are

One of the pioneers in Chennai's Reality Industry, Accord Housing, over the years have raced against themselves in setting standards in Developing Hi Value property on the rapidly growing Greater Chennai locality. By engaging only time tested professional experts, every venture of Accord Housing are a grand spectacle in itself. During the committed passage of 20 years, Accord has earned the patronage of more than 5000 customers who, even today, are reaping the rewards of escalation.

The experienced back end process at Accord, ensures a thorough and systematic analysis of the property’s history and also gauges the value of appreciation, before commencing to develop it as a Hi Status Community Abode. Accord's in-depth gyan of market perceptions, real estate trends and property values are the key parameters that has earned the goodwill, trust and above all a healthy presence in this dynamic real estate commerce.

By intensively studying Customers feedback and constantly monitoring the highly unpredictable cost during construction, Accord has introduced PALACE VILLA home concepts. An add on construction service that eases out the tensions customers face when they plan to build a home on their asset. Accord, backed by reputed architects, planners, civil engineers, man power and reliable suppliers, will
convert your land asset into a PALACE VILLA at the most reasonable cost.

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